June   9th  •   10th   •   11th  •   2017  •   Dallas, Texas

Taste of Dallas has created a unique festival experience for 2017. If you love burning hardwood, crackling embers, and you like to cook with either High Heat or Low & Slow, it will be hard to leave our new Live Fire area, curated by Tim Byres of Smoke and presented by Napoleon Grills. You'll enjoy some of the very best barbecue and burger joints around plus over a dozen craft breweries will be there to sample and pair their craft brews. Then grab a plate and head over to our new exhibition area and watch as some of the biggest names in the sizzling Dallas food scene spill their secrets with hourly demonstrations.

For more information on participating in the 2017 Taste of Dallas please email vendorinfo@tasteofdallas.org


Tim Byres

Smoke & The Theodore

Dustin Blackwell

Hutchin's Barbecue

Todd David

Cattleack Barbecue

Tiffany Derry

Roots Southern Table
The Cupboard

Jesse Griffith

Dai Due

Travis Heim

Heim's Barbecue

Danyele McPherson

HG Supply Co & Standard Fair

Jack Perkins

Maple & Motor
Mockingbird Diner

Matt Pittman

Meat Church

Oliver Sitrin

The Blind Butcher

John Tesar


more restaurants coming soon...

more info coming soon...